About Us

We’re about creating a social place for young carers, where they can be without worry of their caring, bullying or hiding what they do and where health professionals, such GPs, counsellors, sexual health experts, advisors and people who want to help can given young carer/young adult carers that support.

It can be tough, lonely and soul destroying for many who are the main carer.  Others, it’s less intense.  Either way, we all need to escape and deal with it and at some point get that support.  This is what YoungCarersNet is all about.  We’re The Young Creators who have been and still are for some of us, young carers.  So we know what it is like.  The Crowd is everyone who uses this social space.  We are all here for young carers and that that coming together is what we’re about.

Be Supportive.  Be Kind.  Be Safe.