“When I look back I am still surprised I managed to even do it. When I first heard the word university I thought it would have been impossible. But I was able to apply for a foundation degree at New College Durham. Once the term started I was given extra tutorial lessons and for the few weeks where I missed the classes, all the information was online and I was given extensions if I needed it. After the two years I decided to finish my course to a full degree. I would fully recommend for young adult carers like me to look at the bigger picture then just standard university. I feel if I attended a standard university I may not have completed the course to the grades I wanted which were a 2.1 in the foundation degree in Event Management and a 2.2 in Management!

So, for 3 years I somehow managed to balance a university course, my carer responsibilities, my own health and a part time job. My brother Dominic was born with a condition called Fetal Valproate Syndrome, which I suffer from myself. As his disabilities became more noticeable I would help my mum out more with household jobs and keeping Dominic busy while my mum prepared tea. As I got older my own health suffered as I was diagnosed with M.E and then later epilepsy myself. But I still managed to leave school with decent GCSEs and eventually got my degree!”