“Initially, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and they thought it would be a simple course of chemo and radiotherapy and that would be it. But they found metastases in her hip, pelvis, and a couple of organs; which is when the big caring role started. I was 14. I’m away at uni most of the year now, but when I’m home it’s like I never left; I still have to help with cooking and cleaning, and just generally helping out so that she doesn’t exhaust herself. And of course, when I’m away at uni I still worry about my Mum, which can make studying difficult. Before I started caring I desperately wanted to go into performing arts (I went to stage school for 7 years). I was home educated as well, so getting into uni wasn’t the easiest thing. Moving away to uni was partly the best thing I’ve ever done, and partly the most terrifying! Now, I’d love to work for a university or possibly go into the charity/activist sector – some people have suggested I go into politics… and of course I’d love to go back to the theatre if I could!”