Marginalised Young people & Brexit

Wednesday 29th November
13.00-15.00 GMT
Jubilee Room, Westminster

On Wednesday 29thof November we were invited to an event at Houses of parliament, Westminster to discuss Brexit and marginalised young people.


It was the first event I have attended working for YoungCarersNet and the opportunity to go to Westminster doesn’t come up often if at all so I was really looking forward to it. The event was organised by Catch22 and IARS and hats off to Jordan and Emily who arranged it.


As a young person the subject of Brexit was one that I was really intrigued in although if I’m being honest I didn’t have a great deal of knowledge on the subject and how it would affect me and ultimately young carers. At the event there where MP’s such as Tom Brake, Sir Roger Gale, John Howell and Keir Starmer who in my opinion spoke the best. However I did like a key point which Sir Roger Gale said and that was “We think young carers are incredibly special people we don’t want to marginalise them out of having fun, we want to provide support to enable them to have a life.”


After listening to the MP’s thoughts on Brexit (all three of them voted remain) the key point I got was that obviously we are the generation that will have to live through it so they were really keen to here from us, although they managed to keep on talking!


We were then split up into four groups, EU directives, NHS/Social Care, Education and Economy.


There was some really interesting discussions taking place in all of the groups relating to young carers, young people and Brexit.


Ironically the most interesting thing I heard didn’t come from an MP and wasn’t on the topics in our groups it was someone telling me that I was a young carer. Even though all I do is drive my brother who has Autism and Cerebral Palsy places which really did make me think how many other people are out there that are young carers or carers in general that don’t actually realise they are and therefore aren’t aware of the support available to them.

Will (the young creators)