Being a young carer for me means looking after someone more than you do.  When I was younger my Mum and Dad used to to keep me out of it but now ive got older my Mum is quite ill she has got something wrong with her stomach she struggles to move around a lot.  So I need to keep my little brother calm and if he kicks off I need to stop it from spiralling out of control.


For my #MeTime I go up to my room a lot and play computer games and watch TV my favourite programmes are Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.  I have an Xbox 360 which is in my room which my brother begs me to play with him although he doesn’t actually let me play! I also play in the Schools Basketball team.  I often get up quite early help my brother with breakfast, when I come home from school I usually sit and chat with my mum about my day.


Most of the time I can’t go out with my friends which is partly because my Mum doesn’t trust me as some of my friends do things that they shouldn’t do around the village.