“I’m 16 and I’m a mental health carer for my mum who lives with split personality disorder, depression and sleep apnoea. Growing up I only lived with my mum and my brother so going out wasn’t much of an option for me. My brother and I had an agreement that one person would stay in and one of us would go out, but I never saw much daylight because of that agreement. Now, I don’t see my brother much, yesterday was the first time in just under 2 years. It was hard hearing how easy his life is compared to mine.

In between looking after my mum and high school, life was quite tricky, I started to get anxious and this affected me in a lot of ways, mostly in my English and Music. My confidence was knocked which is never good for a musician, but even so I am hoping to continue doing it in college. However, my caring and supportive side is always there no matter what the future brings.”