We’re shattered. And so are you

We’re shattered.  We know you are too, as a young carer.  Working and caring, whether being the main person in my family caring or helping out parent or your brother/sister.  It is exhausting.  We know what it’s like.  Some of us are still a young carer, others have been.  Either way, we know what it is like and how frustrating, tiring and sh*t it can be.

  • How many times have you missed going out with friends?
  • Having no-one to really talk to.  Like, properly.
  • No real help and support.
  • Just wanting a life like everyone else.
  • Missing fun and happiness.

Ok, that’s all negative.  We absolutely love our family and helping them, we care.  It’s why we do it (and sometimes because we have to), but we love them.  As The Young Creators we’ve done this as part our escape and way of managing our own mental health, to talk to others who are like us.  And also to give a place where we can all share stuff with each other, chat and have some #MeTime.

We kinda put everyone else as The Crowd, that’s you 🙂 – YoungCarersNet is a social place where The Creators and The Crowd meet.  Sometimes for carers stuff, other times not.  In fact, quite a lot not.  Because at times we want to escape caring.  We’re all shattered, but if we come together here, then we can be shattered, happy, p*ssed off, emotional and loving life, as we want to.

Enjoy our social place.  Be respectful. And stay safe.

The Young Creators