So my carer journey started with someone telling me I was carer, my response was ‘but my Mum does all of it.’

Let me give you a quick background about myself so my name is Will I am 20 years old and I have a twin brother called Glyn. Glyn has Autism and suffers from Asperger syndrome as well as having Cerebral Palsy which affects him physically so for example he has to wear a leg splint 8 hours a day.

My Mum had to give up work when we were born and she became his full time/primary carer with my Dad going to work. In the last 5 years or so my mum developed Psoriasis which she was told was brought on through stress which I firmly believe has come from being a carer to my brother.

Growing up was quite difficult because obviously being the same age there wasn’t really lot’s I could do to help and I was rather immature as a child around my brother.

Up until around a year ago we used to share a room which meant we were on top of each other a lot which didn’t help. A trait that he has is he can get rather obsessive with things so it started with WWE then Sims, and now he collects vinyl records.

He was popular at school for mainly the wrong reasons for example I remember when we were 14/15 people used to message him on social media saying particular girls ‘fancied’ him and the problem is he can’t tell if people are joking as socially he struggles and when I think about it that was really the first sort of care I did as I used to go on his accounts and delete and block people.

Now I can drive the main job I have is to drive him around he volunteers at Oxfam a few times a week, I also am aware that my parents aren’t getting any younger (I’m sure they won’t mind me saying) and one day it may have to be me that takes on that responsibility. Something I wouldn’t hesitate in doing.